Tattoo Training

For tattoos, we always ask our clients to reach us with ample time because the consultation and selection part is very important. We just don’t make anything on the skin. As we all know tattoo is for a lifetime and it ages with time so our skilled artists always try to look beyond the present time and suggest the best size, design and color according to the client’s body surface and skin tone. We keep utmost hygiene with every step. Cleaned and sealed grips, clip chord wraps, gloves, up-to-date new disposable needle and everything else.

Tattoo Training

Tattoo Training

Tenzin Tattoos helps you to sculpt the artist in you. We create Basic to Professionals. Tenzin tattoo training is personally trained by Mr. Tenzin himself, The founder of Tenzin Tattoos. We train not only to become professionals, but also to the beginners, who is dreaming to learn this art of tattoo.


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