For tattoos, we always ask our clients to reach us with ample time because the consultation and selection part is very important. We just don’t make anything on the skin. As we all know tattoo is for a lifetime and it ages with time so our skilled artists always try to look beyond the present time and suggest the best size, design and color according to the client’s body surface and skin tone. We keep utmost hygiene with every step. Cleaned and sealed grips, clip chord wraps, gloves, up-to-date new disposable needle and everything else.



At Tenzin Tattoos, we believe that body piercings are not just a trend, but powerful expressions of individuality and style. That’s why we encourage our clients to get creative and customize their piercings to suit their preferences. Whether you prefer dainty studs or statement pieces, our extensive collection of high-quality jewelry ensures you’ll find something that resonates with your style.

In Tenzin Tattoo we follow by ensuring the accurate placement area to be pierced is cleaned and marked. A sterile needle or a piercing gun is used to create the hole in the desired location. Piercing guns are commonly used for earlobe piercings, while needles are preferred for other body parts. Once the hole is created, the professional piercer immediately inserts the jewelry into the new piercing. The jewelry used can be in the form of studs, rings, barbells, or other designs, depending on the location of the piercing and individual preferences.

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